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The first App Prototyping Learning Tool for non developers

Start Prototyping Now

Buildup is 100% free to try. No credit card required.

Buildup tries to fill the gap between app prototyping and app development. Utilizing Buildup, you can quickly prototype a fully working app, use it for pre-sales purposes and later, download the source code and learn from it.

You will build and learn on top of a solid foundation of generated code that follows best practices and design patterns recommended by the vendor of the technologies and services they are using.

Following this process accelerates mobile app development learning and reduces friction between design/concept and actual implementation.

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Using Buildup, you will design your app and that design will be translated into native source code for Android and iOS. You will have access to courses, videos, and how-to to accelerate your mobile developer career.

Generated code can be compiled and built in the cloud, deployed to a device for testing, or pushed to your GitHub repository.

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Right now, there are plenty of Low to No-Code tools targeting non-developers willing to create a very limited range of apps and, on the other side, platforms combining complex tools and services targeting enterprises.

All alternatives share a common aspect: They are closed solutions. You cannot get access to the source code of the generated apps, and they force you to adapt to their way of doing things. Some of them allow to extend the generated apps using some sort of plugin system that let you develop a custom component following their requirements, and then connect it to the generated app.

Our solution is completely open. You are the owner of the generated app and its source code.

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App data sources

Drag & Drop UI Prototyping

Compile & Build in the Cloud

Cloud Databases

Push Notifications


Mobile Video Conferencing

Maps & Geolocation

XCode, Android Source Code